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You can feel better with cannabis.
Your Kush Coach will show you how.

I help people who are curious about CBD and THC find the right products and doses for their bodies. Whether you want to control your anxiety, get better sleep, find an alternative to alcohol, or just infuse joy into your life, there is a cannabis product for you. And I will help you find it!

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Kate Johnson Your Kush Coach

Hi, I'm Kate

I am a lifelong cannabis and biology nerd. I believe in the power of the cannabis plant, and I want to help you feel great using it.

I have a B.S. in Biology, a J.D., and 15-year career as an attorney. I am a Certified Cannabis Educator, Certified Cannabis Health Coach, Level 1 Interpener (Cannabis Sommelier), and Founder of the Cannabis Industry Association of Wisconsin.

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Cannabis education and recommendations from an expert who cares about your health.

Cannabis Consultations

A detailed, personalized cannabis recommendation so you can stop the guesswork and start feeling better fast.

Group Events

Get some friends together and let’s talk CBD and THC in a safe, fun environment.

Education Workshop

Give your clients or staff accurate cannabis information in a safe and fun environment.


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Helping Newbies Find Their Cannabis Fit!

You’re curious about cannabis, but overwhelmed by the products on the market. Your head is spinning from the glut of cannabis misinformation. Maybe you’ve started the expensive guessing game of finding the right CBD or THC product, only to find it does either not enough, or way too much.

Your Kush Coach is the shortcut: a trained cannabis professional who cares about your health and gives you trusted cannabis information and product and dose recommendations in a safe environment. Stop the guesswork, stop wasting money, and start feeling better fast.

Book a Session!

Get started now with a personal cannabis consultation, workshop, or small group event. Not sure which service is right for you? Book a free 15-minute discovery call and find out how Your Kush Coach can help.

Personal Cannabis Consultation

Get a detailed, personalized cannabis recommendation so you can stop the guesswork and start feeling better fast.



Small Group Events

Like a Tupperware party, but way more fun! 

Get some friends together and let’s talk CBD and THC in a safe, fun environment.

This 90-minute event includes:

Starting at $349

Dispensary Decoder

Quick, 30-minute consultation to get you Dispensary-ready.


Cannabis Education Workshop

Give your clients or staff (or both!) accurate cannabis information from a professional, in a safe and fun environment. 

This 60-minute workshop includes:

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What They Say

Loving testimonials from a few of my amazing clients!

My life has greatly improved since meeting Kate, my cannabis coach. She taught me how to ease the pains that come with aging and improve my mental health using cannabis. Before working with Kate, I tried using CBD products but didn’t really know what I was doing. Kate took the time to get to know me and come up with a detailed personalized plan that has worked wonders.

Chronic Pain Client

Kate is well-informed in her area of expertise and stays up to date with developments and resources in order to provide greater service to her clients. Kate exhibits a high degree of openness and objectivity to the views of others. Kate genuinely cares for her clients and is always available to guide with advice and or direction they may need.


Human Resources Professional

Kate is an active listener and demonstrates exceptional professionalism, conscientiousness and passion for her work. Her dedication to her client’s satisfaction is demonstrated daily by her. Kate works with her clients until their concerns are resolved and often goes an extra step to help ensure all needs are addressed. She demonstrates how excellent customer care can have a lasting effect on client relationships. 

Anxiety Client

Kate is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the science of cannabis. She inspired me to try new products and set a routine that has greatly improved my quality of life. Also, she showed me ways to spend less money than I had been. I look forward to continuing my cannabis journey with Kate. 

Matt F.


The whole process with Kate was so thoughtful and I learned so much about the specific ways in which CBD works naturally with our bodies to support our individual needs. Kate was attentive to the details of my needs and then took careful time and effort to detail a custom plan just for those needs. The products that she recommended to me have been outstanding in quality and results and knowing that I had the follow up support for making adjustments was so nice. 

I would recommend that everyone explore their wellness and get more education on the benefits of CBD by working with Kate, she is authentic, caring and a true expert in the field.


Community Leader

Not Sure Where To Start?

Not sure where to start, or which service is right for you?  You can find detailed descriptions of each service offering on the services pages, and if you’re still not sure, let’s talk!

Book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call with me to find out more about my services, schedule, pricing, and approach.

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Stay up to date on cannabis insights and tips on my blog.

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You can feel better with cannabis. Your Kush Coach will show you how.

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